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“As an indie romance author, it is very difficult to stand out in the vast crowd of talent. It’s also challenging to find promotional and marketing experts to trust. Candi Kane PR is a cut above the rest. She has elevated my brand and exposure, […]

Harloe Rae

“Calling Candi Kane my right-hand man undersells her. She’s my right and my left, my conscience, and my sanity. If you’re releasing books without her, you’re underselling, too.”

Laurelin Paige

Candi IS my strategy for each release. Smart, energetic, creative and flexible—Candi has amazing ideas and has her ears to the ground about what helps bloggers, readers, and authors accomplish our common goal of having fun and delicious books out in the world!

Sierra Simone

“A good publicist can make an enormous difference to your business as an author. And to your mental health. As the romance business becomes more and more competitive, you need an edge. Exceptional publicity will get you that edge. CKPR’s crew is not only highly […]

J.D. Hawkins

“Candi Kane started, as so many of us did, as a reader. That die-hard love of books became the basis of her career as an assistant, a publicist, and a marketer. When she loves a book, the world will know!!! And as any of her […]

Kayti McGee

  “Candi is a joy to work with and easy to communicate with. She helps make each release as stress-free as possible!”

Jana Aston