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Cover Reveals
Release Blitz
Blog/Review Tour
Promo Placement

Cover Reveal

Two separate signups:  a cover reveal signup and a blog tour signup.  Cover reveals get maximum exposure because they are open to readers as well (readers who don’t have blogs). Dedicated readers love being included in promoting the authors they love.

Release Blitz & Full Blog Tour

This can include one or any of the options listed below:

Excerpt Reveal
Release Blitz
Blog/Review Tour

  • A release blitz is a release promo tour only. No ARCs or a review tour.  I send out a promo/media packet to everyone who has signed up. This includes a pre-made post(s) for their social media sites and pages, HTML for their website, and a banner.
  • Excerpt reveal, release blitz, and blog/review tour invites are all sent out in one signup. This also includes a review option. I send out the ARCs to the reviewers unless the author or publisher requests to do it themselves. I always send ARCS direct to kindles so there is less chance of piracy. This includes a pre-made post(s) for their social media sites and pages, HTML for their website, and a banner.
  • A full tour would include a Cover Reveal, Excerpt Reveal (optional), Release Blitz, and Blog/Review Tour. I send out a promo/media packet to everyone signed up. This includes a pre-made post(s) for their social media sites and pages, HTML for their website, and a banner.
  • GRAPHICS: I have a graphic designer on staff. She is amazing! But you are always free to use your own designer.

Promo Placement

I do a variety of different types of promo. Please see below for a list of what I offer.

  • ARC GIVEAWAYS: I like to set up ARC giveaways 10-14 days before release. I write up a pre-made giveaway post to give to everyone hosting on facebook, twitter, and/or instagram. I always have them add the book to Goodreads. I am a huge lover of Goodreads! It is a great “free” form of marketing. These giveaways will be set up by myself with bloggers that I have a longstanding work relationship with.  I also like to set up giveaways in various author groups. If we have paperback ARCs, then I will set those up as well as they are extremely popular with readers.
  • RELEASE WEEK GIVEAWAYS:  These include gift card giveaways, signed paperbacks, and/or a mixture of both. We have a budget in place (mutually agreed) if we are doing gift card giveaways, so I can plan and set up accordingly.       
  • TAKEOVERS: If takeovers are wanted, I will schedule all of these. I have a great list of bloggers that I work with for giveaways and takeovers. This is a good way to be introduced to some new groups and readers. I always place all promo listed on a Google sheet with the time, date, and group links for the author. This is an organized way to keep all “appearances” scheduled for the author.
  • AUTHOR GROUP POP INS: If wanted, I can set up pop ins. These can be just one giveaway post on release day or spread out through release week. Just a simple “Hey, I have a new release” type of giveaway post. It can be for a signed paperback, gift card, etc. Nice and simple. Not a takeover! This is a great way to network with some new authors too! Which again, could lead to some new readers!
  • NEWSLETTER SWAPS: This is optional. If newsletter swaps are wanted, I will get these lined up. The swaps will be for release week with features or mentions in other author newsletters. *Usually swaps are accepted when an author has a newsletter that is the same size as the swapee.




If you are interested in a month to month contract for services, this is also available and can be discussed.

*EMAIL me for priCES!



“As an indie romance author, it is very difficult to stand out in the vast crowd of talent. It’s also challenging to find promotional and marketing experts to trust. Candi Kane PR is a cut above the rest. She has elevated my brand and exposure, […]

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J.D. Hawkins

  “Candi is a joy to work with and easy to communicate with. She helps make each release as stress-free as possible!”

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“Calling Candi Kane my right-hand man undersells her. She’s my right and my left, my conscience, and my sanity. If you’re releasing books without her, you’re underselling, too.”

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Candi IS my strategy for each release. Smart, energetic, creative and flexible—Candi has amazing ideas and has her ears to the ground about what helps bloggers, readers, and authors accomplish our common goal of having fun and delicious books out in the world!

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